Casa Adelante Affordable Senior Housing

Herman Coliver Locus

Casa Adelante Affordable Senior Housing

Architect: Herman Coliver Locus

Size: 66,000 sf (11,666 sf site)

Status: Completed in 2020

MSD Key Staff: David Mar, Gordon Yagisawa

Awards and Certifications: 

  • 2020 NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering
  • Outstanding Project Award 2021
  • 2021 SEAONC Excellence in Structural Engineering Award

This new nine-story Type I affordable senior housing project was developed by the Chinatown Community Development Center and the Mission Economic Development Agency. 20% of the units are designated for people who are formerly unhoused. Recognizing that the residents are a potentially vulnerable population, we developed a resilient seismic system to enable shelter-in-place building performance after a major earthquake. The design objective was to have manageable structural damage after a major earthquake and have the building return to plumb. The damage would be mostly limited to architectural finishes, which are easier to repair than structural elements. The seismic system is a foundation rocking and re-centering wall system. The system relies on the intrinsic capacity of the mat slab and the concrete floors for energy absorption, in combination with stable rocking under seismic loads. In order to achieve the desired performance, two of the walls required supplemental damping. We collaborated with Prof. Geoff Rodgers at the University of Canterbury to develop lead extrusion dampers to be used in the foundation for these walls. Prof. Greg Deierlein at Stanford University was the seismic peer reviewer. Both Geoff and Greg provided their time pro bono to contribute to the design innovation and the social mission of this project. Because costs are a major constraint, we performed a conventional design as a backup, and cost and performance benchmark. Economic life-cycle cost modeling using FEMA P-58 and SP3 showed the improved value of the high-performance design, which we were able to achieve at a near-zero construction cost premium (.24%).

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